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Livonia's Orthodontist

ortho-webA straight smile not only increases your face value, but it also improves your oral health. Crooked teeth are harder to clean, which puts you at greater risk for tooth decay and gum disease. Dr. Torby is a board-certified orthodontist, so he can evaluate your smile with his extensive knowledge and training in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of dental irregularities. Dr. Torby’s specialty is traditional orthodontics. He also works in consultation with Dr. Fox who treats some of our orthodontic patients with Invisalign® clear plastic aligners and Dr. Holman who is trained in Six Month Smiles®, an orthodontic system that uses clear brackets and tooth-colored wires.

Children's Orthodontics

Livonia Dental Group provides orthodontic treatment as a part of our children’s dentistry services. When your kids visit our Livonia family dental practice, we check development and look for signs of overcrowding, crooked teeth, gaps, and misaligned bites. If our dentist finds that your child’s smile could benefit from orthodontic treatment, we’ll schedule a separate consultation.

During the consultation, Dr. Torby will provide a comprehensive evaluation of your child’s teeth and bite. We’ll also provide a complete treatment plan that lets you and your kiddo know exactly what to expect during his or her orthodontic treatment. In the past, kids didn’t begin wearing braces until the ages of 10-12, after all of their adult teeth had erupted and the jaw bone had hardened.

Today, we often use two courses of orthodontics to correct smiles. The first may begin as young as age eight, when the jaw is softer and easier to influence, and then there is a second course if needed. Beginning treatment earlier allows us to move teeth when the jaw is softer for less discomfort and a better result. In addition to required treatment protocols, such as expanders and other oral appliances, our Livonia orthodontic office offers kids options for their treatment, such as clear and colored braces.

Adult Orthodontics

Just because you grow up doesn't mean that you outgrow the desire for straight teeth. Modern orthodontics has made great strides, and many patients are no longer limited to metal brackets and wires to straighten teeth. Livonia Dental Group offers adult orthodontics, including traditional braces, Invisalign clear aligners and Six Month Smiles. Your orthodontic appointment begins with a comprehensive exam. After a complete evaluation, you will meet with Dr. Torby to discuss your options and to select the one that is best for you. In consultation with Dr. Torby and either Dr. Fox or Dr. Holman, you may decide on one of the orthodontic treatments we offer or another cosmetic dentistry therapy such as porcelain veneers, often referred to as instant braces.

Achieve a straighter, healthier smile. Contact Livonia Dental Group to schedule a consultation with Dr. Torby. Our office is convenient for patients located in the Detroit Metropolitan area near Redford, Farmington, and Northville. In addition, we serve patients from many surrounding cities, including Plymouth, and Westland.

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