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Custom Athletic Mouthguards in Livonia

mouthguards-webToday’s families are taking their health seriously, and are active in sports of all kinds. From team to individual sports and contact to non-contact, kids and adults alike are staying active and having a great time doing it! But did you know that the vast majority of sports-related injuries involve the mouth? If you are participating in any sport, it’s important to protect your teeth from damage with a custom athletic mouthguard.

Why Do I Need a Mouthguard?

There are certain sports where mouthguards are worn regularly, such as football and hockey. But what about sports such as basketball, track and field, or soccer? Although a mouthguard may not be a mandatory piece of equipment, it can save you pain, money, and time at the dentist’s office. In addition, a custom athletic mouthguard can actually do more than just protect your teeth. Research shows that wearing a mouthguard can also reduce your chances of concussion. Why risk cutting or bruising of the cheeks and tongue, a knocked out tooth or fractured jaw, or a serious head injury, when it’s preventable with as simple mouthguard?

Custom Athletic Mouthguards from Livonia Dental Group

When you think of a mouthguard, do you think of the wall at the sporting goods store with more choices than you can shake a stick at? Some claim to be ready for use right out of the package, while others require you to boil the plastic to soften in, then stick the hot blob in your mouth and bite to achieve a better fit. What do you choose?

The best option you have is to choose a custom athletic mouthguard at our Livonia general family dentistry practice. Our experienced dentists will take a set of quick impressions. The impressions are then used to create a custom athletic mouthguard that fits your mouth and your mouth alone. A well-fitted custom athletic mouthguard will be comfortable, resilient, wear-and-tear resistant, repel odor, and have a slimmer profile than off-the-shelf options. Your custom athletic mouthguard will also have extra bulk only in the places that it’s really needed, such as around the molars and between the bite. And because your custom athletic mouthguard fits better, it simply protects better.

As a family dentistry practice, we focus on treating the dental needs of everyone in the household. In addition to the regular services you would normally find in an established general dentistry office, such as root canals, dental crowns, and children’s dentistry, the team at Livonia Dental Group can also provide you with protection for your smile. Contact us today to find out more about a custom athletic mouthguard.

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