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Children’s Dentist for Livonia Youth

childrens-webAs a family dentistry practice, we gear our children’s dentistry program to fit the needs of our youngest patients. We advise parents to bring their children in at about age three for a first children’s dentistry visit. This appointment will expose children to a non-threatening dental experience and allow us to check their developmental progress. By monitoring your children’s teeth from an early age, we can start their oral health care off in the right direction.

Why Is Children's Dentistry So Important?

You may be wondering why children’s dentistry is essential. After all, baby teeth are just going to fall out. What you may not know is that baby teeth play a very important role in your child’s physical, social, and emotional development. As children grow, their smile helps them gain confidence and convey friendliness to other kids, making teeth an important asset when making friends. Children who don’t receive routine children’s dentistry suffer from dental disease, and experience discomfort and missing teeth making it difficult to chew some foods and obtain proper nutrition for growth. In addition, baby teeth act as placeholders for adult teeth, and when lost too soon, can cause dental problems for years to come as permanent teeth become impacted and misaligned without a proper route to follow.

Children need regular dental visits for healthy teeth and gum just like adults. Our Livonia family dentistry practice offers a complete spectrum of children’s dentistry offerings to keep little teeth happy and healthy. Our most common children’s dentistry services include:

  • Six Month Checkups
  • Professional Hygiene
  • Dental Sealants
  • Fluoride Supplements
  • Fillings and Crowns
  • Orthodontics

Your First Children's Dentistry Visit

At your kiddo’s first children’s dentistry appointment, we will introduce him or her to the sights and sounds of our Livonia family dentistry office. Our caring team will take plenty of time to make sure your little one is comfortable. We will provide a quick yet thorough examination to make sure development is on track. The doctor will talk with you about his findings, and a follow up appointment will be made for the next six month checkup or treatment depending on your child’s case. Under most circumstances, our young patients will begin receiving cleanings between the ages of 4-5.

What are Dental Sealants?

Our family dentists recommend sealants to protect teeth from cavities. This clear, plastic coating covers the deep crevices in your children’s teeth. Sealants keep food particles and bacteria from settling into grooves and causing decay. Typically, we apply the sealants to the permanent molars and premolars, and dental sealants are a very common children’s dentistry treatment.

Invest in your child’s future. Contact Livonia Dental Group today for your children’s dentistry appointment. Our dental office is located in the Detroit Metropolitan area near Redford, Farmington, and Northville.

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