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How Long Do Dental Implants In Livonia Last?

May 18, 2017

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With dental implants in Livonia from Livonia Dental Group, you’ll be amazed at the long-lasting aspect of this smile restoration. Did you know that by as young as age 17, 7 percent of people have lost at least one permanent tooth? In fact, 178 million people are missing at least one of their original dentitions. And when considering how common and prevalent this condition is, it’s important to have a dental restoration option that can last for as long as possible – after all, no one wants to replace artificial teeth frequently. That’s why you should consider dental implants in Livonia from Livonia Dental Group. This gold standard for replacement teeth is the longest lasting solution around.

What Are Dental Implants?

As your respected dentist in Livonia, our team would like to explain what dental implants are, before we expand on how long-lasting they are. Dental implants are made of three pieces, which include:

  • Titanium Implant Post – The actual implant itself is the titanku8m implant post that will be surgically placed on your jaw. This will fuse with your natural jaw tissue, and once your bone has healed, the other parts of the implant can be added.
  • Abutment – This is the connector piece that links the implant post to your tooth-shaped cap. Abutments are usually made of stainless steel, titanium, gold, zirconia, or white ceramic.
  • Dental Crown – This final piece is the portion of the implant that looks and functions just like your former tooth. Made of durable, life-like porcelain, this will blend in so seamlessly with your existing teeth that the only person who’ll know you have a false tooth is you.

How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

With proper care, dental implants can last a lifetime and will most likely never need to be replaced. This is a huge benefit, especially when considering the average lifespan for other artificial teeth, like those in the list below:

  • Dentures & Partials – Average lifespan: 5 years
  • Dental Bridges – Average lifespan: 5-15 years

What Are The Other Benefits Of Dental Implants?

In addition to offering outstanding longevity, dental implants are superior to other replacement teeth for the following reasons:

  • Jaw Strength – Dental implants increase the density of your natural jaw structure.
  • Appearance – You’ll find no other solution to be as natural-looking as our dental implants. And, since implants make your jaw bone stronger, this will prevent the lower part of your face from appearing sunken and making you look older than you are.
  • Stay-Put Smile – Since dental implants will remain in one fixed position, you’ll never have to worry about wiggling dentures or taking your smile out at night – and, you can say goodbye to messy dental adhesives.
  • Balanced Diet & Better Speech – Since your dental implants are stationary and function just like normal teeth, chewing and eating a variety of nutritious foods will be easy – you can enjoy everything from crunchy carrots and corn on the cob to occasional treats like chewy caramels. And, you won’t have to be embarrassed or misunderstood when speaking, since dental implants won’t shift around like dentures.

Now that you know that dental implants from Livonia Dental Group are the longest lasting replacement option to fill in the gaps of your smile, schedule your appointment to restore your winning smile today!


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