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Tired All the Time? You Might Need Sleep Apnea Treatment in Livonia

January 31, 2018

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man sleeping in carRemember when you could stay up all night and not be any worse for wear the next day? Chances are, those days are long gone; there are few things are precious, refreshing, and necessary as a good night’s rest. However, if you find that despite your best efforts to get the shuteye you need, you’re tired all the time, it’s possible that you could benefit from sleep apnea treatment in Livonia. But how can you know for sure if you’re suffering from this condition?


Dentist in Livonia Has an Idea for a New Year’s Resolution

December 22, 2017

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portrait of a smiling womanIt’s almost 2018, and that means it’s time for some resolutions — what are you committing to this year? Ok, ok, we know many people don’t take New Year’s resolutions all that seriously, but deciding to make an improvement in your life is a great idea at any time of year. For 2018, your dentist in Livonia has a great idea for a resolution that will benefit your oral and overall health in a major way. It’s something that just about everyone can achieve — we promise. Keep reading to find out just what it is.


All-on-4 Dental Implants in Livonia Secure a Loose Denture

October 20, 2017

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older couple embracingA denture is a fine solution for replacing a complete row of missing teeth, and it’s an approach humans have been using for hundreds of years. But, thanks to advances in technology and the magic of dental implants in Livonia, your dentist can now place a denture that fits like it should from day one and for years to come with a method called All-on-4. If you’re fed up with a loose or uncomfortable denture, or if you are on the brink of losing an entire row of teeth in the upper or lower jaw, keep reading — this blog post is for you.


Ask Your Livonia Dentist, “Are Toothpicks Bad for Teeth?”

September 21, 2017

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young woman using toothpick

Did you know that toothpicks were invented long before even the very first forms of modern toothpastes and toothbrushes? The simple design of a toothpick makes it super easy to clean teeth or remove objects that are stuck between them.

However, with today’s technology and advancements, relying on a toothpick just isn’t going to cut it to maintain great oral health—nor are they as safe for your smile as you may have thought. Although they are useful if there are no other tools available to you, your dentist says that you should only use a toothpick if you’re faced with that tiny stick as your last option.


Finally, An Orthodontist in Livonia for All Ages!

August 10, 2017

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young woman smiling clear bracesDo different members of your family complain about their crooked smiles? You for one have always wished your teeth were a bit more aligned, but now you’ve noticed that your crooked smile has been affecting your confidence at work. Your teenager also holds back from being social at their new school because they’re embarrassed of their smile. If you and your family are ready to improve your natural smile by straightening teeth, it’s time to find an orthodontist in Livonia that offers orthodontics for all ages.


Abscessed Tooth? Visit Your Emergency Dentist in Livonia

July 20, 2017

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The emergency dentist in Livonia treats abscessed teeth. Dental emergencies can strike at the worst of times — like at 2 am on a weekday, for example. If you or a loved one were woken up by an aching tooth last night, you could have an abscess. It’s important for your oral and overall health that you visit the emergency dentist in Livonia ASAP. Don’t hesitate to call Livonia Dental Group at (904) 639-6224! When you contact us seeking treatment for an aching tooth, we’ll work to get you in to see the dentist as soon as possible. Our team will have you out of pain and on with your life before you know it.


Avoid Tooth Extractions by Visiting Your Dentist in Livonia

June 22, 2017

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When’s the last time you visited your dentist in Livonia?The older you get the more stress you will endure. That just simply means the more wear and tear your teeth will also endure. Cracked teeth are more and more common now, especially the longer and more stressful a patient’s life is. Without the help of a professional like your dentist in Livonia, it can be difficult to detect a cracked tooth. Hopefully, we can provide some insight on several types of cracked teeth and how our dental practice can help you repair those dental issues.


How Long Do Dental Implants In Livonia Last?

May 18, 2017

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With dental implants in Livonia from Livonia Dental Group, you’ll be amazed at the long-lasting aspect of this smile restoration. Did you know that by as young as age 17, 7 percent of people have lost at least one permanent tooth? In fact, 178 million people are missing at least one of their original dentitions. And when considering how common and prevalent this condition is, it’s important to have a dental restoration option that can last for as long as possible – after all, no one wants to replace artificial teeth frequently. That’s why you should consider dental implants in Livonia from Livonia Dental Group. This gold standard for replacement teeth is the longest lasting solution around.


Tooth Sensitivity Explained – Tips From Your Dentist In Livonia

April 14, 2017

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Learn about the reasons for tooth sensitivity and your treatment options from your dentist in Livonia.

Since your birthday is coming up, you decided to get into shape to look and feel great at the celebration. You nixed your soda habit, but when you enjoy your ice cold water as a replacement, your teeth often surge with pain. Why are your teeth so sensitive? And – what can you do about it? In this post, the team at Livonia Dental Group, your premier dentist in Livonia explains this common dental condition and teach you what you can do about it.


What To Do If You’re Prone To Cavities – Tips From Your Dentist In Livonia, MI

March 17, 2017

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Why are you prone to cavities and what can you do about it? Get expert info here from your dentist in Livonia, MI. Cavities – one of the most common dental problems, some people are more prone to developing them than others. Why is this and what can you do about it? Learn everything you need to know about this routine oral health issue from your premier dentist in Livonia, MI. In this post, the team at Livonia Dental Group shares their expertise on how to protect your teeth and keep your smile healthy and shining bright.


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